The Ultimate NON-Xenon JTAG Guide

When it comes to JTAG, there are Xenons and then there is everything else - aka non-Xenons

My first successfull tutorial video ever... over 400,000 views now. I'll be improving this by doing a 2017 update, but for now I'm just linking the original video.
The techniques in this video are still valid and going strong in 2018+. Assuming you can find an exploitable console on dash 7371 or before, this method absolutely still works!
Within this video (at about the 2:10 mark) I state this is a NON-XENON video, and that is absolutely true. So if you're doing a Xenon console slighly different wiring is required - see it on the Xenon page!

You can use 2 1N4148 diodes for this - they are cheap!

This video is of a NON-XENON install.